"Down The Road" New CD Now Available!

The Sommers Rosenthal Family, featuring Naomi Sommers, Phil Rosenthal, Daniel Rosenthal and Beth Sommers, has made their first "Family Band" album together, after many years playing, performing and recording music together.

Brother Daniel produced this album, featuring original compositions and traditional bluegrass and folk tunes. Naomi and Phil sing lead, and usually-hiding-behind-his-trumpet-Daniel has showed us that he too can sing! He's singing harmony all over the album and says that he wants to sing some lead on the next one!

You'll hear lots of beautiful trumpet, banjo, mandolin, guitar and more on this recording, Bluegrass and jazz make better consorts than you might have guessed! And the sound of family-harmony-singing is kind of magical, isn't it?

Please check out the record on the "Listen" page. You can order a physical copy, or buy it digitally on iTunes. Thanks for listening; we love making this music, and we you hope will join us on the road. Your support allows us to continue the journey!